Dec 262015
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This was an insanely busy end of the year. Working mostly until 9-10PM at the office, I was too tired to wake up late in the night for doing something with the sites.

100000+ visitorsIn this context, I didn’t noticed that a new milestone of this site was reached – over 100000 visitors was reading my posts. So, first of all I want to thank you all and I hope that you found something useful on the site.

Now I have a short holiday and I want to solve all projects suspended because of my job. I am proud to announce a new release of Suffusion Collapse Menu plugin. In the version 0.8 I removed only a line of code, a simple comment inside nav-collapse-trigger javascript. In case of minification, inline comments can break the javascript so, I removed the comment.

But now, with version 0.9, I come with a new improvement. Anyone can change the color of collapsing icon without adding custom styles. Now, the color of the button can be changed at Customizer, under Colors menu.

I hope you will find useful this new option. Enjoy.