Suffusion Collapse Menu at version 0.7

Dec 062015
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Recently Sayontan came back to WordPress, releasing a new version of Suffusion. This was great, the theme continue to have a bright future, as I hoped all the time. After that, Sayontan also released new versions for each plugin created for Suffusion, updating them to work with actual versions of WordPress and third party plugins.

Because I am also very busy with my daily job, which is not related to web development, WordPress or Suffusion, I wasn’t able until today to update my plugins.

But now I pushed to Repository a new version of Suffusion Collapse Menu which cover few things:

  • First, I tested the plugin on WordPress 4.4.RC1 – the new version of WordPress is planned to be released next week. This mean that I tested also Suffusion because my plugin probably don’t works if Suffusion isn’t installed. In my tests both theme and my plugin works as expected and are compatible with WordPress 4.4.
  • Second, I’ve updated Viljami’s script to the latest version available on his site:
  • Finally, I’ve changed the default class used in Viljami’s examples (.nav-collapse) to .suf-nav-collapse in an attempt to avoid incompatibilities with third party plugins which may use the default class.

I hope you will enjoy this new version of the plugin and the new version of Suffusion. URI:  


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  1. it is working great