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Jun 162014
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Suffusion Collapse MenuThis version correct another logical error from my part.  In the previous version I changed the javascript to retrieve the path for the same “home-icon”  used in Suffusion. But my script was wrong, on sites where “home icon” wasn’t used at all in Suffusion was throwed an ‘undefined’ error for my home-icon variable. This has been addressed in version 0.4.

Another change is much, much smaller – I enqueued the trigger script in WP_ENQUEUE_SCRIPTS hook instead on WP_PRINT_SCRIPTS, respecting a recommendation from Codex. In this way all scripts are loaded only in frontend, without the risk to break the admin area.

Finally, I changed the licence of the plugin to “GPL v2 or later”, as the licence of WordPress itself. I just respected a recommendation of WordPress because I submitted a request for hosting the plugin in repository. I found easier for users to use the  default update feature of WordPress instead of visiting my site to download these new versions.

Can download this new version of the plugin from WordPress Repository.

For updating remove completely “suffusion-collapse-menu” folder from your server, then upload the new version. URI:  


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