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Jun 142014
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This new version solve a bug which don’t let the menu to be displayed when is used ONLY the Navigation Bar Above Header.

The usage of default select lists in Suffusion have a little problem. When someone use both navigation bars, on mobile devices, in Navigation Bar Above Header will see 2 select menus. First is a duplicate of the menu from Navigation Bar Below Header, the second is the “good” list, containing the items from Navigation Bar Above Header. Of course, the first list appear also in the Navigation Bar Below Header, as it should.

For solving this issue on a site without my plugin is enough to add at Suffusion Options -> Backend -> Custom Includes -> Custom Styles:

I tried to solve this issue in my plugin, by removing directly from javascript the duplicate list. But I made a big logical mistake considering that everyone will use both navigation bars or at least the Navigation Bar Below Header, and NEVER will use ONLY the Navigation Bar Above Header.

In this new version I corrected this mistake, removing the duplicate list only if… it is duplicate. If is used ONLY the Navigation Bar Above Header, its select menu will be transformed to collapse menu. Can download this new version of the plugin from WordPress Repository.

Thanks to Nicolas for pointing me to this issue. URI:  


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