Suffusion Custom Post Types and WordPress 3.6.+

Jan 152014
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The same problem which we had in the past with Suffusion 4.4.6. when WordPress was upgraded to version 3.6. is still actual in Suffusion Custom Post Types plugin.

If you try to edit an existing Custom Post Type will get only a white screen, with digit 0 on the top left corner of the screen – no WordPress menu or anything else to remind that you are in WordPress backend.

The problem is also related to the javascript of the plugin which use the method “select”, removed from jQuery UI 1.10.3. and breaking all functions based on this method.

As I detailed in the post about upgrading Suffusion for WordPress 3.6., the method ‘select’ need to be replaced with ‘option’, ‘active’ in all functions of type:  $tabs.tabs('select', n);  (where n is an integer between 0 and 3) in the file /wp-content/plugins/suffusion-custom-post-types/include/js/admin.js. All those functions will get the form: $tabs.tabs('option', 'active', n) . In total need to be made 6 replacements.

You can download the patched file from here: Download Suffusion CPT patch. Replace with this file the original one located in /wp-content/plugins/suffusion-custom-post-types/include/js/ on your server. Maybe will need to clear the browser cache before the patch having effect. URI:  


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  1. Good ideea! Thanks Ciprian.