Changing Suffusion for WordPress 3.6.

Aug 022013
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04.08.2013 at 07:32. – My previous patch and the theme update don’t take in account that the new method which replaced the ‘select’ method need an index for selecting correctly. As result, the changes are saved, but after that will return to the first screen of options. I ended to make another 2 changes in suffusion/admin/js/admin.js file:
I added a new function:
I changed the line of $tabs.tabs with:
Can download this new patch from the bottom of this page
03.08.2013 at 13:00 – Suffusion 4.4.7 – which address the issue – was released and can be downloaded from repository – Please update the theme

If you upgrade WordPress to version 3.6. will notice that Suffusion cannot save anymore the changes in options.

This is because the new version of jQuery UI used in this update (1.10.3) don’t have a “select” method for tabs, and this method was used in backend of Suffusion for Save/Reset  button tabs.

For solving the problem, need to open /suffusion/admin/js/admin.js in a text editor, look for the line:

and replace it with:

After that Suffusion will works as expected.

Can download the modified file from here:

Download New Patched admin.js for Suffusion (downloaded for 813 times) URI:  


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  11 Responses to “Changing Suffusion for WordPress 3.6.”

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  1. As I said, I have this file on 38 sites monitored currently – on all of these all things works just fine… The site is made last week, with a lot of custom styles for changing Scribble skin – again, no problem at all. Tonight I will try to install directly WP 3.9.1. and I will try to replicate the issue. (usually when I install dutch sites I use an old, localized copy of WP 3.5, then I upgrade immediately to the latest version of WP).

  2. Really odd, I have now downloaded it yet again and reloaded it to the new site and it is working properly. I have also re-uploaded it to some old sites that were exhibiting the same behaviour and even they are now working correctly.

    So if for some reason you lose this functionality re-download and reinstall as this has now fixed it for me.

  3. This is a brand new site with no plugins installed. I have checked some of my old sites and they are also the same with this fix not working and I have tried with a fresh download from this thread.

  4. Hi Colin, thanks for visit.

    No, by replacing admin.js from Suffusion 4.4.7. with the file from this article, the behavior of Suffusion Options remain unchanged as in 3.9 or before. All my sites are updated and didn’t noticed any problem in Suffusion. Though I had problems with some plugins, including with TinyMCE Advanced on one site, but I was able to solve them either from their options, either by changing them with other plugins which offer the same functionality.

    If you’ve already changed the admin.js with the file from this post, try to disable your plugins, maybe one of them break the things.

    Please, keep me informed about this problem,

  5. Drake,

    With 3.9.1 I am back to the same tabs problem. Save a change and it always reverts to the top (first) option. Any other fixes or suggestions my js knowledge is non-existent?

  6. Thank You Francine. Can use the script without problems, but you loose a lot of features, including responsivity, if you don’t upgrade the theme.

  7. THANK YOU!!!! I use suffusion on 4 blogs. I upgraded and voila the problem.I swore I wouldn’t do the others as I had to restyle my website. The script is great. 🙂

  8. “Roger that”. Glad it helps, thank you.

  9. THANK YOU!!!!

    I am still using Suffusion 3.9.6 on one of my sites because it uses a genealogy plug in that ends up generating a LOT of errors when made to be HTML5.

    I managed to make the correct edits in the admin.js file to get the Save/Reset buttons in Suffusion Options working again.

    Again – THANK YOU


  10. Thanks! Now it’s working properly again!