A nice presentation of your Youtube channel

Feb 062014
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Unfortunately Yahoo has deprecated the version 2 of their API and now only version 3 is accepted. In this new version we cannot retrieve data from a channel without authentication. So, for obtaining the same result as in my article is needed to write a WP plugin where you have to complete your Youtube API key, your Youtube channel ID… A lot of work for which I don’t have time and I don’t know if worth because there are a lot of plugins which already does that.


Few days ago, Brian Hayes ask on Suffusion Forum how can implement the above video gallery on his own site: www.classicalguitarorlando.com. I wanted to help him, but also I wanted to teach him to add himself the gallery.  Because it was a very long discussion I decided to resume it now for those who wish to add this nice presentation of their own youtube channels. Because I really like Brian’s music, I used his channel for exemplification.

Is nothing more than to add a jQuery plugin as I presented often on this site. The original code was written by Simone Gianni on jsfiddle. I made 2 small changes:

1. The CSS code was changed as below, for filling the entire disponible width. This code need to be added in your stylesheet (at Suffusion Options -> Backend -> Custom Includes -> Custom Styles if you use Suffusion).

2. I changed a little the javascript code for working with WordPress in noConflict mode: