Farewell Suffusion…

Jul 072016
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“On 22nd June, Suffusion was removed from the WP themes directory all of a sudden.” These was the first words received from aquoid.com in a morning.

Of course I was upset, angry… but I understand the decision of Sayontan. After all these years, probably he is very tired. Tired to update the theme for each “invention” of WPTRT, tired to argue with reviewers.

And maybe is time to move on. WordPress is going to be only a platform for advertisement… See? Majority of the plugins from repository are just “click bites” for their premium versions. If you need to obtain more functionality for plugins, need to buy their premium versions.

About themes? Looks like WPTRT want to make us all zombies. Install a fancy theme, click there in Customizer and you will have a site… like any other site with that theme. If you want more, if you really want to customize your site, no one stop you to… buy a premium theme…

When they found free stuffs like Suffusion, they kill them… people don’t buy their expensive themes if can find a highly customizable theme for free…

So, now Suffusion don’t exist anymore… 

And for what? Because Suffusion don’t use WordPress Customizer… But Suffusion is not a theme where you can change only some colors, the titles and add some widgets… Suffusion have hundreds of options. Is not only a pain to rewrite the backend, but is a very unpleasant experience for users… Many users can’t see the options even if they are on one page, but how will find something by changing screen after screen after screen after… I tried this… Annoying… and the Customizer is loading very slow…

 And I really like the Customizer for simple things… My plugin “Suffusion Collapse Menu” is using the Customizer for changing the button color… Also, on this site I use functions for changing the colors from Customizer IN SUFFUSION. As I said, for simple things, is good… but for hundreds of options…

Anyway, I wrote this post for saying Goodbye to Sayontan, to Colin and to all my friends from Aquoid forum. I will be open to answer to any question about Suffusion, here, or on the forum till Sayontan will keep the forum open. I will use Suffusion on all the site where is already installed and I will try to keep the theme working with new versions of WordPress. So, keep visiting me, you’re welcome every time.

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Experienced web developer and graphic designer. Former consultant for Suffusion theme and former moderator on Suffusion Support forum. I teach others while learning myself.

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  3 Responses to “Farewell Suffusion…”

Comments (3)
  1. Bonjour,
    Voici une très mauvaise nouvelle.
    Suffusion est tellement génial.
    Ou trouver un Thème avec tant d’options.

    Hello, here is a very bad news.
    Suffusion is so awesome.
    Or find a Theme with so many options.

  2. Hi Colin,

    I also have to thank you for your continuous help. I started to learn how to use Suffusion from you.

    As I said, I will try to keep Suffusion running on all my sites where it was installed, even by writing patches when new WP versions will need them. As always I will share my solutions here or on the Suffusion forum.

    And, when all my RL problems will be over, I hope that I will have the power to translate Suffusion Options to Customizer, so maybe we can revive Suffusion… But this looks more like a dream now…

  3. Thanks for your help with the little tweaks that you have done with Suffusion and the Collapse Menu plugin that I use. Thanks also for all the answers you have given on the Suffusion forum. Let’s hope that the theme will continue to run for many years to come, if not then I will have loads of sites to migrate to a new theme with the hours of work that will entail.