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Jul 192016
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I liked this plugin. But I am fully against ADS… Especially ads which are added without my consent!

On this site I made nice customizations for displaying Shareaholic buttons differently on desktops than mobiles… But this no matters…

I installed the plugin on more than 50 sites.. But this no matters…

On my account… on every site… I said “No monetization”, I just not get why my decision is ignored at each update… everytime, Shareholic just enable some ads…. without my consent… No matters at all!!!

Few days ago, a friend yields… Man, on your site is an ad which lead me to this:

Where??? I disabled all ads except Google Ads (which don’t help me in any way to earning money, but is was added only to watch how this thing works – after 4 years I have 25 euros earning, but I need 70 euros for the first whitdraw… so, mathematically I need more 8 years to reach the level to gain something real from Google…)

So, thank you, Hector Vargas… NO, don’t use this thing… Shareaholic…

Alternative? Momentarily I switched to Add To Any

But I talked seriously… After killing of Suffusion by a bar boy, WordPress looks very unstable for me… Now I search for other CMS’s which can support users and developers to be really in a democratic world… URI:  


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