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Mar 042016
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SPATIU PUBLIC_Piata Avram Iancu_pr_06_prop iluminat TeatruLast days I finished my sister’s site – AtelierIF. Usually I’m not bragging when I finish a website, but this time worth. My sister and her husband are architects, so I had a hard mission – to respect at the level of pixel each detail from design.

But I feel like I accomplish this task – the site is looking exactly as in images sent to me. Of course is based on Suffusion, but with everything customized at maximum and beyond… Not talking only about CSS changes which are visible from top to bottom, but also I’ve implemented  qTip2 jQuery plugin, the portfolio is also showed by javascript. The images are showed with WPPA+, a great gallery plugin which was perfectly aligned with the graphical desires of my sister, but also let me to upload hundreds of pictures in an easy way.

Finally resulted a great looking site, which works in all modern browsers, including IE. Even on mobiles is scaled decently, at least in landscape position. As speed, is moving very neat, at least if you are in Romania and not in US (#BernieSanders). URI:  


Experienced web developer and graphic designer. Former consultant for Suffusion theme and former moderator on Suffusion Support forum. I teach others while learning myself.

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  4 Responses to “New site launched – AtelierIF”

Comments (4)
  1. Another excellent of your site design.

  2. Good job! Very nice and multitasking-functional site.

  3. The relatives are the most annoying clients in the world!
    But this site is perfect.

  4. The new site is a harmonious convergence of function and aesthetics. #Bernie