Don’t be afraid, always can find alternatives

Jul 192016
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If you want to stich with WordPress, with a free theme, can use Weaver Extreme or Atahualpa to have some extensibility like in Suffusion. Weaver is a semi-pro theme, so, maybe, will have to pay for some options, ATA is like Suffusion, without updates in a year, still working, but anytime a coffee boy can decide against…

I don’t like this… Let’s see… It was a dream…With WordPress, I dreamed that here I can get out from Romania living in Romania… An open-source system which let me to spend hours out of Romania… Anytime when I was active on Suffusion Forum, I spell CSS, PHP or JS…

But now I am disappointed and angry… In Romania you can get a contract, perfectly legal, like this: “Any company which come to the licitation for making a street need to wear blue t-shirts”… Well, my company wears red t-shirts… See?? Using WP Customizer is the blue t-shit (is not a type)… Probably the sells of Hybrid theme was low and Uzelac decided that he grow sells if Suffusion is dead… Because Uzelac is the big boss of WPTRT, B U T he is also the seller of themes on ENVATO…

I don’t blame him… he probably get few buck’s on month… nothing big… BUT… he CAN say… “Any theme which not use customizer will not live on repository”… But, you guess, Responsive theme support this… and all Envato themes support this…

Such…. romanian….

So… I simply decided to get out of WP…. I simply look to alternatives. For starting simple sites can consider Pagekit

For now I just started to translate Pagekit to Romanian, but I think that is a good alternative to WP. URI:  


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  1. I have had a quick look at PageKit, on first look it is an interesting platform but it is going to take some learning. Setting it up initially is a little odd in that it requires a blank htaccess but it does not create this file as part of its install, this can be challenging to set up on a local development environment. I will play with it some more but don’t see myself moving to it from WordPress just yet.