Easy integration of UberMenu with Suffusion

Mar 072013
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Because Suffusion already have it’s own implementation of mega-menus I never thought to use UberMenu. But on the Suffusion support forum was asked this question – how can be used together?

Today I had the possibility to test the plugin. Wow. Very impressive. A lot of options, a lot of styles, very well documented and finally a great look. Congratulations to authors, great job indeed!

And this tool is really easy to use with Suffusion. In part because of Sayontan who’s provided the hooks for this, in part because of the Easy Integration module provided in plugin.

UberMenu Theme IntegrationSTEP 1. Buy, download, install and activate the UberMenu plugin. Then quickly go at Appearance -> UberMenu -> Theme Integration and set the options to “ON” like in image:

STEP 2. Immediately we can observe under Easy Integration option a phrase:  

For themes that don’t properly support WordPress 3 Menus. Just turn this on and place uberMenu_easyIntegrate(); ?> in your header.php file, or   [uberMenu_easyIntegrate echo="false"]  in a text widget to place your menu.

So, at the first sight – easily we can use the shortcode in a text widget and we will have the menu. With this idea we will go straight to:

A. First approach – go to Appearance -> Widgets and add a text widget in any widget area you wish. As the content of text widget use:

Suitable for horizontal menus are the Widget Area Above (or Below) Header or Widget Area Above Footer, but I can see usages in Header Widget Area or into the small areas from the left and right of navigation bars (which can be enlarged with simple custom styles).

Because UberMenu allow vertical menus, this can be used in widget areas from sidebars.

You’re set, your uber-menu will appear in the selected widget area. If you use the horizontal Uber-Menu can go at Suffusion Options -> Other Graphical Elements -> Navigation Bar Below (and Above) Header and set it to hidden.

B. The second way Very easy again, this approach results from the plugin documentation:

Suffusion menu filter

In fact Suffusion has added 2 filters which can be used for integration of Uber Menu. So, in your functions.php (recommended in a child theme) can add:

OR (don’t add both codes, because you can add only one Uber Menu):

The first code will replace Navigation Bar Above Header with Uber Menu, use the second code for placing the Uber Menu instead of Navigation Bar Below Header. (the reference for both hooks was added in the documentation provided with the new versions of UberMenu)

Because that’s it – you don’t need to edit any other file, you don’t need to add any other code in header.php or somewhere else – you just did that by adding one of the codes above in functions.php – you just use a filter to positioning the Uber Menu instead of one of  Suffusion navigation bars.

Used FilterSTEP 3. The Uber Menu is already integrated in Suffusion. You need to go at Appearance -> Menus, create your stunning menu and assign it to the new location “UberMenu”.

Don’t forget to give to menu the same width as for your site  at  Appearance -> Ubermenu -> Advanced Settings -> Menu Bar Width and center the menu below at Center Menu Bar + Enable Clearfix. This is needed because  once you enable theme compatibility, the menus of Suffusion are completely disabled, the settings from Other Graphical Elements aren’t applied anymore for transformed navigation bar. (While you are there enable also HTML5 markup as the theme already is based on this specification).

From here is nothing different by any other theme – set the plugin as you wish and set the menus as you like.


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  1. YES! Thank you Drake, I just couldn’t get it right but your first modification was perfect! Thank you very much. I need to develop better skills with the Chrome developer tools!

  2. Seems to be pretty easy to obtain this. Use one of the next codes at Custom Styles:


  3. Hi Drake, I apologize for my lack of clarity, I was very tired when I emailed you yesterday.

    My main issue with Suffusion and Max Mega Menu involves the responsive menu. As of this morning, I have been able to get the Max Mega Menu responsive menu to work properly (mostly) until the screen width gets to 240 or lower, at that point, the Suffusion responsive drop down list menu takes over.

    I would like to completely disable the suffusion responsive menu while at the same time leaving the Max Mega Menu responsive menu intact. Do you have any ideas how I might accomplish this? I tried setting the navigation menu switch to “Never” (responsive layout) but that simply killed all responsive menus.

    Thanks in advance!


  4. Hi Peter, thanks for visit.

    As I can see, the mega menu is integrated on your site. Integration means to see the menu on the site instead of Suffusion navigation bars. Further can adjust everything by CSS and can add new styles at Suffusion Options -> Backend -> Custom Includes -> Custom Styles, targeting the elements of mega menu. But your question is a little vague… I don’t understand what styles you want to disable and what other styling you want to apply.

  5. Hi Drake!

    Thanks for this tutorial about Uber Menu relative to Suffusion. I recently discovered a plugin called Max Mega Menu ( https://wordpress.org/plugins/megamenu/ ). I have it up and running on my site ( http://compuaidusa.com ).

    It is fairly easy to customize and it works nicely with a couple of exceptions. I was wondering, do you think there might be an easy way to integrate Max Mega into suffusion as with Uber?

    Or, is there a way to easily disable some of the menu styling in suffusion?