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Google Pagerank 4
Drafie’s Design Pagerank

Few days ago I had a conversation with Iefie about Google PageRank. He ask me why Drafie’s Design site have a PageRank of ZERO while our sites are all ranked higher. My answer was – “the PageRank is like a teacher grade – is important for seeing the teacher appreciation but far more important is to learn what the teacher teaches you”. Yesterday I saw that Google has rewarded our work – our site get an honorable PageRank of 4 for which we are very pleased.

So, what is all about? For what’s good a higher Pagerank? In short, PageRank is the most visible measure of reputation of a website based on how many quality links are pointing to it.  PageRank don’t have a big influence in search algorithm, but here we don’t have any problem, all our posts are in top of searches. And we will try to come with more and more interesting and useful articles.

As Matt Cutts said “PageRank is about the number of links to a site.” But, this means quality links, from serious sites.