Mar 062014

Has been a while since I didn’t said nothing about our friends. I have a bunch here where I living. Besides family, job or websites, my friends are with me to share thoughts or just a couple of beers. But we don’t waste the time.

Ecomove OfficeI meet Florin 2 years ago when he come to my former job for buying a vinyl banner. Talking about the banner he show me his site Hey, a site based on Suffusion. A site with a lot of problems. I solved the issues at that time and we remain friends. After that I made for him… and all advertising materials from his office.

Andrei heard about me from Florin and he want, a site which suffer a lot of transformations in time, now helping people to understand the romanian laws. He is passionate about photography and the environment so we did But also has interests in furniture, so we did

Past month, Florin and Andrei want an advertising flyer for their business. Cheap and effective. You can guess, they have 5000 pcs. now, one side for each. 

Flyer Ecomove si Expomobpal


Banner Showroom NavodariViorel come to my former job for trying to convince me about his MLM network. My first impulse was to kick the man out through the door, but I “punished” him even worse… He bought then 20.000 leaflets and after that we build farm. Now Viorel and Florin open their new showroom in Navodari and I made for them a large vinyl banner.

Need to say more? I have the best friends in the world. A year ago, when I resigned from my former job, Florin was the first person who’s offer me another job. I declined his offer only because his main field of activity is not in advertising, graphics, printing or designing…

Thank you, guys!