Interesting facts about Automattic & WordPress

Mar 182014

On 18 March I received a mail from Rupert, a student which claim that found our site by doing some research. He share with us a very interesting infographic about WordPress & Automattic and about working from home, infographic where he contributed. Now, after my own research, I found that his mail was only spam and those infographics are only intended to boost their sites Google PageRank. A very well documented article about this at

Because I still consider the informations from infographic interesting, I will keep the image here, but I removed the link to the site. There is no violation of copyright, their site is still present as information inside the picture, but the link don’t exist anymore.

WordPress Infographic URI:  


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  1. Nice infographic. It was great to know the facts about automattic.

  2. Infographic WP! Nice experienced about web-resources.