Another 2 Suffusion bugs fixed by Opa Jaap

Feb 232018
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Dear Suff-user,

Do you remember? Since of the beginning, when some of your changes from back-end wasn’t reflected in front-end, our first recommendation on the forum was to select any option with “ugly source code” at Suffusion Options -> Back-end -> Site Optimization.

I told you, “by selecting this option will be better for server but also, will avoid to deal with cached files from server”.

Opa Jaap wasn’t agree with me. He check the theme and sent me the fixes (changed files:
– suffusion/admin/suffusion-options-page.php
– suffusion/functions/template.php).

For now, you can let that option to default – to save your css in a file. By hitting the Save button at Custom Styles will reset the old settings and will have the latest changes in file.

I’ve packed the new changes in Suffusion 4.5.2 which can be downloaded also from Aquoid Forum.

Here Suffusion works with WordPress 5.0 Alpha under php 7.2. and I didn’t noticed any issue.

Thank you, Opa Jaap. URI:  


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  2 Responses to “Another 2 Suffusion bugs fixed by Opa Jaap”

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  1. Hi Colin,

    I tried to replicate the bug on a site where never wasn’t Suffusion and I couldn’t. I installed Suffusion by uploading the zip at Appearance -> Themes, then I installed suffu-scion by ftp. I didn’t activate the parent, the first activation was on suffu-scion.

    I didn’t saw any problem, the version show 4.5.2. and no error is showing when I start to configure the theme. Could be something related to our servers? Maybe to different php versions?

    Please keep me informed if you see again the problem, can take a note about exactly which error is showing?

  2. I have found a little bug you may want to look at. If you create a new site and upload this version of Suffusion and then upload Suffu-scion and enable it it identifies the core Suffusion version as 4.5.1. Also on first access to any of the Suffusion options an error is thrown but subsequent config cahanges to Suffusion options are fine. It looks as though there is a missing folder.