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Jul 022013
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Yesterday we received a question about these CMS’s with a documented link: https://www.vaneldijk.nl/artikelen/joomla-vs-drupal-vs-wordpress

On the first place I laugh – of course WordPress – I am some kind of fan of WordPress… but, I was curious and I search on Google for the title of article… and… I found tens of articles which make the same comparison. Most of them with the same results – WordPress is the best, is the most easier to use, but lacks in security or scalability or assigning user roles…


I do not want to contradict what others say, it’s just my opinion and some simple arguments. Let’s talk about scalability… WordPress with more than 25.500 plugins is very extensibile… Yes, at origins, WordPress was created for easy blogging, but those days are gone. Now can have any kind of site, with one page or hundreds, where you can only post articles, or… if you like, can have a e-store… a library… a review site… the limits are only in your imagination.

As an example the e-commerce managers like Jigoshop or TheCartPress are advanced enough for using as professional solutions, as in Joomla or Drupal… but is constructed for WordPress, so are much easier to use. And, really, if someone needs only a complete e-shop solution – for what reason to use a CMS one and not a dedicated system like Magento, Opencart or Prestashop? The only reason – to be easier to maintain such a shop…

About users? Again, with the help of plugins you can assign new user roles, new capabilities or can adjust in details these capabilities. Also, can have sites which show some content only for members, while visitors see other content.

And finally, about security… Now is the moment for ROFL… If you’re a hacker it worth to find security holes in systems used only for hundreds or thousands sites? Or is better to try to break systems used for millions and millions? Is easy to say: “WordPress is not secure”, but really, who tried ever to break Drupal??? On the other hand, WordPress is less secure or hard to break as it is your personal computer. If your software is not updated, if you don’t have an updated antivirus, your computer become more vulnerable day after day.

For WordPress sites works the same rules – maintain WordPress/themes/plugins up to date, install a plugin for security and follow the same simple procedures as you use for security of your e-mail box and your site will be strong enough to concur with Joomla or Drupal from this point of view.

In conclusion, as a developer who need productivity, I found WordPress the fastest CMS… I use wordpress for different kind of sites, from simple presentation pages to e-commerce sites. The people who’s ask me to make their sites wants also WordPress because of the shortest learning curve needed for publish and maintain their sites even without specialised help. WordPress is also the less expensive for clients – it is free, a lot of themes are free and almost all plugins are free, at least in their basic functionality. Even for premium versions you will not have to sell your home for integrating a plugin in your site 🙂

Finally, a table from Devious Media, founded on https://www.webnethosting.net/wordpress-vs-joomla-vs-drupal-cms-popularity-war/, which illustrate the advantages of WordPress in front of Drupal of Joomla… Apart of simple usage, pay attention to SEO strenght – if you don’t make a site for showing only to your family, you will have to take in account that WordPress is perfectly equipped for SEO, out of the box.


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