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Aug 092014
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Sometimes we need more widget areas below Suffusion header or above the footer, as it was asked recently on Suffusion Forum and is not so hard to obtain how many areas we want with few lines of code.

Of course, for this kind of changes we need a child theme.

1. For adding a new widget area below header, add in functions.php of your child theme:

 Now, by ftp, COPY sidebar-below-header.php from /suffusion/ to your child theme folder. Edit the copy and add at the very end of file, after the last “ ?> “

 2. For a new widget area above footer, the procedure is the same. First, register the new sidebar in functions.php of the child theme:

 Then copy by ftp sidebar-above-footer.php from /suffusion/ to your child theme folder and at the end of the file, after the last “ ?> ” add: URI:  


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