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Nov 082013

In the slider from our frontpage I talk about friendship. I take this occasion to show you what I meant. Our friends which ask us to help them with their sites, sometimes need other advertising materials. We can say NO, and not help them? Of course NOT, finally I am graphic designer not only web developer.

Today I can introduce our good friend Nathanael Bos. Like two years ago we help him with his site https://www.nathanaelbos.nl/. His original site was hacked, reported to Google and blocked in searches. We cleaned the site, re-designed, secured and unblocked on Google. Was a meticulous and hard work, and even now we monitoring continuous this site. But I don’t want to talk about that…

Today I want to talk only about our friend (don’t tell him, he don’t know about this article). Nathanael is a very nice guy, bonhomme, with a great sense of humour, and with a great warm voice. He sing by vocation and pleasure, it worth to listening his songs. Some time ago, he ask us to make some flyers for him. Today, he sent us pictures with his new flyers designed by… Drafie’s Design

He is happy, we are glad that we can help again. What I can say more? Go and listen Nathanael’s songs, will make your day.


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